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Learn 3 reasons why mushrooms found in grocery stores are magic to your health

A mushroom isn’t a plant; it’s a fungus. A fungus called “Athlete‚Äôs Foot” However, not all mushrooms should be considered harmful to your health! There are many varieties of mushrooms around the world. Some are poisonous and others are psychoactive. Many more mushrooms can be eaten and they have amazing health benefits. You can see soulcybin review for more information.

You’ll be grabbing the ones you see at your local grocery store. They come in white and can be purchased in separate bins or in small groups on Styrofoam tray trays. Then they are wrapped in stretch wrap, or “Cling Film”, as the British call it.

You will want to pick the loose mushrooms so that you can hand-pick the best and freshest whites. Then, bag them in the paper bags provided by the store. The paper bag breathes and keeps your freshly picked mushrooms fresher until they are needed.

Most mushrooms found in supermarkets are grown commercially on mushroom farms. Mushroom farms can smell like shit. Because mushrooms grow in darkness, unlike vegetables, they eat manure.

This is why many people think mushrooms can be harmful to your health. Common sense suggests that this is a false conclusion. After all, how can something that grows in dirt be good? This notion has become a common expression:

“You treat my like a mushroom; you feed me with shit, and keep me in darkness!”

It’s great to a mushroom, though! Like us, mushrooms love the dark. After eating manure every day, mushrooms turn into succulent morsels of food. The mushroom has stored up all the goodness and filtered out the rest, creating a delicious fungus full of nutrients.