How can you lower the risk of your retirement with Gold IRA companies

Your Retirement Could Become a Danger

Who knows when the next financial crisis will strike?

You’re taking a big risk if all your eggs are in one basket and you have limited diversity in your portfolio. Are you all in stocks and other paper investments? It’s the biggest stock market bubble in history. Many in the know warn of a possible repeat of 2008’s stock market meltdown. Can you recall the time when trillions were worthless in just 15 month? Many predict that the next crash might be even more devastating. Visit gold IRA companies before reading this.

In the past, we were the largest creditor in all of history. Today, the United States is in worse shape than the whole European Union. claims that the U.S. government is responsible for printing $85 billion each month. It is not surprising that today’s dollar only represents 85C/. China is taking active steps now to end the dollar’s status as reserve currency. The whole system can fail if it is difficult to trust the value of money.

How can investors protect their wealth against disaster and save the dollar from devaluation? One consequence of the Fed printing all this paper was that essential commodities prices have soared. It is no surprise that countries like Russia, China and Russia are starting to withdraw from the dollar in big numbers and are hoarding gold.

The Power of Gold

Why gold? Because the price of gold has increased 12 consecutive years. Consider this: There has been no other asset in the U.S.’s history that has gone up so quickly. Even though this trajectory was halted in 2013, it is expected to rebound soon.

There is long history of gold’s ability to be used as an investment tool to preserve purchasing power. This record is even older than the birth of the modern financial market. It has not suffered any losses in value for more than five thousand year. Gold is nature’s greatest hard asset. It has intrinsic merit. Since ancient times, gold has been prized for its intrinsic value. It can be used as a hedge against rising inflation, falling currencies, and plummeting stock markets. Gold’s market value has risen 365% between 2000 and now.

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