Mobile Car Wash Industry: Competition

You’ve all seen them cruising around our city in mobile washing units. These are typically trucks, vans, or trailers with a water tank, and a pressure washer realisticpay. Flyers and business cards are used to promote their services. However, the majority of their business comes via referrals and weekly repeats. Many cities have hundreds of these units cleaning the streets. This may seem like a great business idea, but as with all businesses, there is always a competitive element to the industry that isn’t obvious at first glance.

A typical competitor to a car wash is a one-man operation that has no space in their truck, van, or trailer for either a hot water pressure washer or steam/cleaner washer. Many of these smaller companies have just installed a Home Depot Pressure Washer on their truck or trailer, and attached a plastic water tank. They may not know what to do with a hot water pressure washer unit, even if they have one. The truth is that they won’t close their business every year if they have a steam/cleaner water pressure washer. Many parts of the US, and the world, have mobile car washers that must deal with inclement weather. This is because it’s difficult to sell car washes when it rains outside. Washing cars is often a seasonal venture so mobile car washers also clean other things when it rains.

These mobile car washes allow you to diversify your efforts in washing concrete, heavy equipment and interior of cars, truck trucks, signs, holiday windows paint removal, graffiti and/or painting preparation. These are the areas where hot water pressure washers can really shine. They can even be used in winter. It is one of the reasons that many small mobile car wash and auto detailing companies don’t stay in business for very long. A good strategy and consideration of seasonality are important when considering this type of business. This is how you should think about it.

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