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Use Stickers On Your Scrapbook Pages

Over the years we have had so many fun adding stickers and labels to our scrapbook pages. Every item that you add to your scrapbook pages tells a story You should choose acid free stickers when looking for stickers. All online scrapbook and craft stores carry acid-free stickers. You can save money by buying seasonal stickers in the following seasons and then storing them for next year.

Alphabet stickers have become very popular. We have more alphabet stickers than any other type of sticker. Alphabet stickers are available in many fonts and sizes, as well as several colors. Many sets come with both lowercase and uppercase letters. A tip about using alphabet stickers: If you want to create straight lines using alphabet stickers, you can use a piece wax paper. The sticker should be placed on wax paper. Line it up with the desired location. Once the sticker is in place, slowly peel off the wax paper. Start by peeling the wax from the bottom, if you are using a top line.

Also, themed stickers are very popular. There are stickers available for almost any occasion. We have bought stickers for many occasions, including wedding stickers, school stickers, sports stickers, and even birthday stickers. Combining and matching can result in amazing scrapbook pages. A birthday set may include confetti that can be used to create a page celebrating a win. There are also themes that can be used for secular and religious holidays. We purchased a set of 4th-of- July photos and used them on the pages with our daughter’s Washington D.C. trip photos.